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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have noted that most clients ask the same types of initial questions.  To help you see the worth in using Oil Consultants for your personnel needs we have listed these questions, and their answers, below.  If you have a different question please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

What are your agency fees?

Oil Consultants do not have a standard fee for their placements and the fees are set on a job by job basis depending on the skills required and type of contract offered.

If you are looking to fill a permanent position Oil Consultants will charge you a standard finders fee for the employee placed once they have signed their contract and started their position.

Most of our clients are looking for consultants to work on short term projects.  In this situation we agree a day rate with both the client and the consultant then add our own service fee to this rate.  This fee is added to cover our time and resources in finding the consultant, mobilisation costs and is fully inclusive of insurance.

What kinds of checks do you do on your consultants?

It is very important to us that we only supply consultants who we are confident have the required skills and experience for your position.  Our quality checks start at the moment a consultant registers and continue throughout the lifetime of their relationship with Oil Consultants.

At the point of registration all consultants are asked to supply a complete CV detailing their entire work history in the industry with no gaps or omissions.  Their CV should also include technical details such as equipment used and rig types worked on.  All consultants must also supply at least two detailed references from individuals working in the oil industry as well as a copy of their passport and a valid medical certificate.

Every consultant has a dedicated primary contact on the Oil Consultants team who will work with them to ensure they can provide all relevant certificates from training courses etc.  This contact will check the validity of these details and remind the consultant to obtain new ones as they reach their expiry date.

We also run a competency scheme that is free to all consultants.  At present the scheme covers the disciplines of well testing, coiled tubing and slicklining but we plan to extend this to other disciplines in the near future.  On the competency scheme the consultants are asked to provide details of the equipment and experience they have and provide validation of these skills from people who have worked with them on the projects.

As each placement is completed we ask the client to provide a job appraisal form for the consultant outlining the equipment used and commenting on the consultant’s performance during the project.  These references are used to update the consultant’s CV and competency record as appropriate.

What is your invoicing process?

Once you have selected your consultants we will ask you to provide us with a Purchase Order Number.  This acts as a confirmation of order and mobilisation cannot occur without it.  The PO number will also be used as the reference on your invoice to aid you in tracking costs for that particular placement.  We will also agree the currency to be used at this point, and exchange appropriate bank details, so that you can account for costs without the difficulty of incorporating fluctuating exchange rates.

At the end of each month, or at the end of a job, the consultant will ask you to authorise their timesheet which shows the number of days worked.  Once submitted to us the timesheets form the basis of your monthly invoice.  Our standard payment terms are 30 days from the date of invoice.

When do you submit invoices?

We will submit invoices as soon as we receive the signed timesheet and invoice from the consultant.

Why do you sometimes submit more than one invoice per consultant?

Because we receive invoices for things like flights, expenses and timesheets at different times of the month we may have to make more than one submission per consultant.  In our experience this is more effective than waiting for everything to arrive before making a request for payment as any issues or queries can be resolved more quickly, ensuring we can continue to provide our high quality service to clients.

Can you submit invoices electronically?

Yes, we are happy to do this if it is your preferred method.  We are also able to send invoices internationally by courier.

How do you prefer to be paid?  Our preferred payment method is by bank transfer. 

Our accounts team will work with you to determine the currency the invoices will be paid in and provide you with all the details needed to make payment.  If you need to make payment by another method for any reason our accounts team will work with you to find the best solution.

What are your payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 30 days from receipt of invoice.

Where do I need to send my remittances to?

Please send your remittances by email to accounts@oc99.com

Can you organise consultant travel?

Whilst some of our clients prefer to handle consultant travel and accommodation etc. themselves, Oil Consultants has an in-house team dedicated to the mobilisation of consultants for projects.  This team deals exclusively with the organisation of travel, flights, vaccinations and visas as well as any other specific requirements of the client.  The team can also pass on specific documentation such as induction materials and project briefings to ensure that the consultant arrives at the work location fully prepared.

How quickly can the consultant start?

Obviously this depends to some extent on the consultant chosen for a position but with over 12,000 registered candidates we can work to most requirements.  Where a specific start date has been indicated we will suggest only those consultants who we know are available at the time and will be available for the duration of the project.   Some of our consultants are in constant demand and many clients will pay a retainer to them to ensure they are available for their project within an agreed timescale.

If you can give us plenty of notice of your requirements then we can offer you a wider range of suitable candidates but we realise that this is not always possible so we will endeavour to provide a consultant even if the timescale is within 24 hours.

Do you provide permanent or office based staff?

We have a wide range of personnel available on our database.  There are a large number of technical personnel who prefer to take on consulting or contract roles but we do have a number who will consider permanent positions.  We also have a considerable number of engineering and business managers etc., who would traditionally work in an office based environment and on a long term or permanent placement.

What makes you different from all the other agencies that contact me?

We could list many things for this answer, such as our experience in supplying major oil industry players and the number of consultants and staff we have available to offer, but in reality we believe it is our commitment to customer service that makes us really stand out from the crowd.

Our company is structured in such a way as to promote customer service at all levels.  Rather than having one agent deal with finding and filling each vacancy we have split our staff into teams.  One team is dedicated to looking after our clients and will spend time getting to know the company and its requirements so that we can recommend only the best people for a position.  Another team is responsible for consultant care, making sure that they have all their details up to date and helping them with the application processes.  Finally, we have a team of mobilisers who are solely responsible for the organisation of travel and accommodation etc. to ensure our consultants reach a project location fresh and fully prepared.  Supporting these teams are staff who handle sales, marketing and finance to ensure the teams themselves are fully dedicated to the task in hand.

It is our level of customer service that both clients and consultants most often cite as the reason they return to us time and time again.

Are you FPAL registered?

Yes – our registration number is 10044023.  We are also registered with Achilles REPRO and JQS

Do you have ‘exclusivity registration’ of consultants?

Consultants are individual contractors, which means they are free to register with as many agencies as they choose.  However, many of our Consultants have worked with us for in excess of ten years and we regularly find placements for them.  A number of contractors prefer to work with us because of the level of service we can offer them and will ask the clients to employ them through Oil Consultants.

Do you send out speculative CVs?

The honest answer is sometimes!  However, we will only send you a CV of someone we think is very suitable for your business and that you would benefit from employing.  Speculative CVs are sent very rarely as we prefer to find out what your exact requirements are and then send you only those people who are an exact match for you.

Who else do you work with?

Oil Consultants has a strong history of working with some of the industry’s leading employers including Expro, Halliburton, Schlumberger and Aker Solutions.  Our clients operate on a global basis and we work with offices from the USA to Australia and everywhere in-between.  At present we supply consultants to clients in 75 countries.

How much information do you put on the CVs you send through?

All our CVs are submitted in a standard format to make it easier for you to compare skills and experience.  Each CV will include details of previous technical experience and equipment used as well as specific details concerning rig types wherever possible.  All CVs will be accompanied by the consultants requested day rate.

On most occasions we will also include the Consultants name.  We recognise that many consultants will return to a company on numerous occasions and will be known to the recruiter.

Can you work to our MSA/PSL?

Yes!  We have such agreements in place with many of our clients and are happy to work with your HR departments and other teams to establish contracts as required. 


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