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Quality People

When you bring a consultant or contractor into your team you need to know that the person chosen can perform the tasks required of them well and in a safe manner.  The short notice nature of many of these jobs however means that it simply isn’t feasible for the consultant to undertake your in-house quality checks before they start.

Oil Consultants has introduced a broad range of quality assurance checks that our consultants and contractors can be assessed upon prior to their mobilisation to your project.  This means you can be reassured that the individuals and teams you recruit through us will be capable and competent.

Our Quality Assurance Checks include:

·         Ensuring a full and verifiable CV, with no omissions, detailing technical details such as rig and well types, equipment used and locations worked alongside the standard job history, education and training.

·         A minimum of two references from within the industry who can comment on technical competence and performance.  After each job we ask our clients to provide a job appraisal outline equipment used and skills demonstrated, allowing us to update consultant CVs and ensuring continuous monitoring of performance.

·         Provision of a valid passport and medical certificate as well as any other industry relevant certificates of training, qualifications or vaccinations.  Our bespoke internal database maintains a record of expiry dates allowing us to remind our consultants when renewals are due.  We also perform validity checks on training institutions to ensure all details provided are correct.

·         All consultants are invited to enrol on our Competency Scheme which has been developed with input from industry leading employers and training bodies.  The scheme covers both historical skills and experience but also provides up to date information with onsite assessments and job reports.  With so many different types of qualifications, training schemes and awarding bodies throughout the industry, our competency scheme provides a standard point of reference for comparing capabilities between consultants.

·         With an extensive and proven track record in the industry, our Technical Expert Panel consists of individuals who are known and respected in their fields.  Prior to their first placement with Oil Consultants all new consultants must complete a technical interview with a member of this panel.  The interview covers not only standard questions about the work and equipment involved in a role, it also assesses responses to real-life situations that a consultant may encounter whilst on a placement.

Oil Consultants perform a number of quality assurance checks on all consultants


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We provide our clients with access to quality, competent consultant personnel in the Oil and Gas Industry. Whether you are looking for a complete team or a single individual, Oil Consultants has the services to meet your needs

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