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Service Offerings

When you require personnel you want to work with a company that can provide the best quality people, at the time required, with the minimum of fuss.  This is the service that Oil Consultants provides.

In general, our services can be split into four main categories although each is underpinned by our commitment to service excellence and understanding of individual client needs.

Consulting (Contract) Personnel

Oil Consultants was formed as a specialist agency to provide consulting and contract personnel to service companies in the upstream oil and gas sector and this remains the core of our business.  We are an agency dedicated to these specialist areas in the oil and gas industry, not just a division of a large global corporate recruiter.  This means our teams have a deep and realistic understanding of the industry and with a database of consultants covering a range of specialist disciplines, we are now the first point of contact for many of the industry’s leading companies.

By its very nature, consultancy work is usually both short term and short notice. Through our database we can access numerous, highly qualified and competent, individuals who can be mobilised when you need them.

Our internal dedicated mobilisation team have become experts in the logistics of transporting consultants around the world to project sites within very tight time deadlines – our current record stands at four hours between receipt of vacancy to mobilisation of consultant!

Many of the elements of appointing consulting personnel are covered by Oil Consultants, including;

·         Negotiation of day rates and standard pay scales for teams

·         Insurance cover, including Employee and Public Liability insurance, emergency medical and repatriation cover and cover for some high risk locations

·         Organisation of visas, Letters of Invitation and vaccination, medicals etc.

·         Mobilisation support covering both international and in-country travel and accommodation

With all of these performed by Oil Consultants, you are left free to concentrate on your business rather than the administrative tasks associated with appointing personnel.

Finally, we pay all our consultants direct.  By operating in this way your accounts team deals only with Oil Consultants rather than the individual personnel, making payment a more simple and streamlined process.

Permanent Personnel

For permanent personnel our services become more akin to those of a traditional agency.  Aside from searching our extensive database of registered personnel we will also employ a variety of recruitment techniques including advertising, executive search and social media marketing.  As a global company we can also search for individuals not only from within the country of the position but for those who reside elsewhere but are willing and able to relocate.
At Oil Consultants we retain a number of ‘Technical Experts’ who can be made available to you to assist in technical interviews and testing of competency.  Having spent many years working within the industry these individuals are well placed to determine the quality of candidates.

What makes us different to other agencies is our understanding of the industry and the requirements of your projects.  Being true oil and gas specialists we can find candidates with the right mix of technical, managerial and soft skills who have already had significant experience in the industry. 

Project Teams

Oil Consultants has developed extensive experience in providing teams of personnel for specific projects, covering not only specialist skills and labour but also project management, HSE and logistics support.  With this service you can outsource the project to Oil Consultants and we will act as your contractor.


What really sets Oil Consultants aside from our competitors, apart from our quality and competent personnel, is the flexibility we can offer in our business.  We realise that every company has its own systems and processes and also that each job requirement, for each project, will be unique in its own way.

Our aim is always to work in partnership with your business to find a solution that is mutually beneficial yet delivers the required results.  Whether you prefer us to run the entire recruitment process or support your internal HR teams with specialist technical interviews etc., we can provide a solution that fits.

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We provide our clients with access to quality, competent consultant personnel in the Oil and Gas Industry. Whether you are looking for a complete team or a single individual, Oil Consultants has the services to meet your needs

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