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Contractor Recruitment Process

Through years of experience and regular feedback from candidates and clients, Oil Consultants has developed a recruitment process for contractors and consultants that ensures all parties are dealt with effectively and efficiently and optimises job opportunities.

Step 1:  Register with Oil Consultants

We will always ask anyone requesting work through Oil Consultants to register with us online.  This serves a number of beneficial purposes:

·         Candidate details become available to all our Recruitment Consultants based worldwide.

·         Details will be picked up in our in-house searches matching candidates with the most relevant jobs and sending email alerts when new and suitable jobs are received.

·         Important candidate information can be kept up to date including work preferences and emergency contacts as well as medicals, survival and training certificates.

Step 2:  Update your account online

By making sure your account is as up to date as possible online you will increase your chances of being selected for jobs.  For example, if your availability date is blank, or hasn’t been updated recently, you could be overlooked for positions as it appears to us you aren’t available to work.  You should also make sure your CV is up to date and detailed, the more information you can provide about the rigs you’ve worked on, skills you’ve used and experience gained the better as this helps us match you against the very specific candidate requirements sent by most clients.

Note about Permanent Employees and Contract Jobs:

If you are registered with us and your account shows you are a permanent employee we will not routinely consider you for short term contract jobs.  It would not be beneficial to anyone if we encouraged you to give up regular employment for a short term job!  If you are happy to leave permanent work for contracting jobs please make this very clear to your account administrator.

Step 3:  Apply for jobs via our website

Whether you see a job advertised in an email or on a social media site there will always be a link taking you to the appropriate application page on our website.  By applying via our website you can add vital information such as payment rates and availability which could be overlooked elsewhere.

Step 4:  Applications are reviewed

All applications for any job are reviewed by the relevant Recruitment Consultant.  Whilst we aim to get back to everyone as soon as possible with information about their application delays may occur if individuals apply for jobs they are excluded from (i.e. because of nationality restrictions or inappropriate experience).  Even if the only news we have is no news we will try to inform you as and when we can.

Step 5:  Pre-Mobilisation

Once a successful candidate has signed the contract with Oil Consultants that relates to the client job our Mobilisation team will be in touch arrange with you about additional requirements for the job such as training courses, inductions or enrolment on our competency scheme.  They will also remind you about adhering to our terms and conditions, code of conduct and the type of PPE you will be expected to take with you.

Step 6:  Mobilisation

Mobilisation covers you travel to the job, the work you perform there and your travel back home.  Travel details will have been given to you in advance along with any specific instructions from the client or information about a ‘meet and greet’.  Should there be any difficulties with travel or conditions at the job site you should call our emergency out of hours service immediately (+44 (0) 191 419 3180).

Step 7:  Job Report

Every consultant is asked to complete a job report after every placement.  This information is added to your competency record and your CV so we can ensure we are always recommending you for work based on your most up to date information.

Step 8: Submit a Signed Timesheet and Invoice

At the end of the job (or at the end of the month, whichever is sooner) you should submit a signed Timesheet and Invoice to our accounts department.  Please make sure that the paperwork is signed by the right person and that you invoice includes all the required information, including intermediary bank details where required, to help us ensure your payment reaches you on time.  If you are submitting any expenses along with your invoice these need to be signed by the appropriate person and must have accompanying receipts for every expense.

Important Information

Oil Consultants specialises in placing individual contractors and personnel within the oil and gas industry who have a proven track record in their chosen discipline.  The majority of jobs we advertise are contract positions which require at least 4 years' experience.  Whilst we welcome registrations from individuals with less experience, or who are in permanet employment, we do not always have suitable jobs available for these applicants.

If you have any difficulties in registering please email recruitment@oc99.com





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