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Customer Care

Oil Consultants is committed to delivering excellent service to all its customers, whether they are consultants and contractors looking for work, or clients seeking skilled industry personnel.  In a recent survey, 100% of respondents rated Oil Consultants services as satisfactory, good or excellent and over 9 out of 10 said they would recommend us to others.

To ensure a consistent and high quality service is provided to everyone we work with, our staff work in three main areas.


The aim of this team is to identify, attract and retain the best consultants in the industry.  Using a variety of social media and executive search techniques we can identify those individuals with the correct skills and experience levels as required by our clients.  Once registered, a team of Consultant Administrators will process their applications and ensure we have all the information required to send candidates straight out on work placements.  They also organise and perform our quality assurance checks including references and certificates.

Customer Services

The starting point for any relationship in this area it to listen and to understand.  Even if you have a short notice requirement we still take the time to understand you and your business and what type of person you need.  For our consultants we will listen to your preferences for work locations, day rates and rotations etc., to ensure we only offer you something you would be interested in rather than bombarding you with every job we receive.


The success of customer services and recruitment is underpinned by a comprehensive range of support services.  Our mobilisation team are experts in the logistics of moving consultants between project locations.  From organising flights and accommodation to arranging visas and even forwarding essential induction documentation, our team will ensure that all consultants arrive at their project location in time and ready for work.

The accounts team have extensive experience in handling international accounts and payments and can advise both clients and consultants on the intricacies of taxation etc., in a variety of locations. 

To ensure a consistently high level of quality throughout the business we have a quality team who check everything from our internal processes to the layout of CVs being sent out.

Finally, our technical team consists of industry experienced professionals who advise both staff and customers on a range of technical issues.  This could be carrying out technical interviews and assisting with the development of competency qualifications.


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The best people, the best jobs. Oil Consultants are a specialist recruitment agency for the oil and gas industry providing teams and individual skilled technical personnel to global clients.


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