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Mission and Values

Oil Consultants’ mission is:

To provide the best oilfield recruitment and deployment service in the world.

In order to achieve this we have a number of underlying aims which are:

  • To be successful
  • To provide outstanding service
  • To always act with integrity, consistency and passion
  • To be the first choice for consultants and clients
  • To be the progressive market leader
  • To create opportunities in everything we do
  • To be a company people aspire to work for and be proud of

Our company systems and processes are established, and regularly reviewed, to ensure we continue to achieve these aims. 

As a company we hold the following values and ensure these are at the forefront of everything we do.

  • Honesty:  We will always act in an honest manner and speak truthfully about our business and activities.  Our honesty is also reflected in our dealings with our clients and consultants where we will be open about how far we can help you.
  • Listening:  Just as we are honest with our customers, we expect them to be honest with us.  We will listen to all feedback given and where action needs to be taken this will be done in an efficient manner.
  • Equality:  Oil Consultants will show no prejudice to any customers or stakeholders of the business, including our staff.  We will not discriminate against anybody because of their ethnicity, gender, sexuality or age etc.
  • Ethical:  As a company we aim to act in an ethical manner at all times and not perform any actions that we consider illegal or unethical.  We will also avoid any actions that we consider could cause potential harm to any of our stakeholders.
  • Quality:  It is important to us that we provide quality in everything that we do, from initial contact through to on-going business relationships; we strive to ensure excellence.
  •  Innovation:  Oil Consultants is committed to providing innovative services to our customers.  We regularly review our systems and processes, and gather feedback from our stakeholders, to identify areas of potential improvement, implementing innovative solutions that increase customer satisfaction.


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The best people, the best jobs. Oil Consultants are a specialist recruitment agency for the oil and gas industry providing teams and individual skilled technical personnel to global clients.


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